Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review

Operation Flashpoint Red River is the sequel to Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, and has improved greatly on the formula of the previous game, in terms of AI, interface, and using the command wheel more effectively. You are part of Outlaw 2 Bravo, a United States Marine Fireteam operating in a country called Tajikistan in 2013, battling terrorist groups and even some old foes along the way.

Game Play

This is a tactical First Person Shooter, involving more realistic game play than what Call of Duty or other shooters like that offers, being more in tune to the Arma series of games. You are the leader of Bravo squad, and you have complete command of your AI team mates, and you can also play the campaign cooperatively with up the 4 players, as well as separate cooperative engagements, and does not feature any competitive multiplayer elements.

You have access to 4 classes, rifleman, grenadier, scout, and auto-rifleman. These 4 classes have their own abilities to bring to the squad, such as the auto-rifleman suppressing the enemy with his light machine guns, the scout picking off enemies and having better visual range and identification of enemies, the rifleman being an all-rounder class and can heal team mates better and excel with the assault rifles, and the grenadier is a great close quarters unit and explosives unit. You can change your AI teammates classes and their setups and perks, as well as your own class and setups. As you play the game you will level up your classes and progresses, which you can add permanent skill points which affect all classes.

During game play you can offer commands to your AI squad, or individual members. You can tell your men to suppress the enemy, move commands, flanking commands, engaging enemies, and even securing and defending buildings. You can do so using your first person view-point, or you can bring up a map and give more detail commands that way as well, if you wish. The AI will generally follow your commands to the letter, but sometimes they will goof up and get confused, depending on the terrain mostly.

There is 10 missions in the campaign, and each mission can last up to an hour or longer, offering a great deal of game play and engagements in each mission. All missions in the campaign can be played with up to 3 other players cooperatively as well, and there is several other separate engagements you can do as well.

Visually, the game looks great and when bullets hit the ground close to you, sometimes dirt will fly up onto your screen, or if you are hit your character will give in pain and the viewpoint will move accordingly, or if blood splashes towards you it will splash onto your screen as well. You can die to a single hit as well if it hits a vital point, and the game also featured bullet drop too, adding a more realistic experience at longer distance gun fights. As far as Audio goes, the fire fights are very intense with the sounds of war, with realistic sounding gun shots and explosive ordnance going off.


Overall, if you love tactical shooters like Arma and Operation Flash point, and looking for a game that offers strategy and shooting, then you will enjoy this game, despite the AI’s sometimes quirky nature. I do highly recommend this game over Dragon Rising, and they have improved upon it, especially removing a lot of the strict time-restraints of Dragon Rising.

Source by Stephen Mcfarland

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