One of the best dumbphone will get Sign messaging | Boing Boing

The best dumbphone gets Signal messaging | Boing Boing

The Punkt MP02 (previously) is one in all two or three premium-yet-minimalist telephone handsets that truly work on post-2G mobile networks. And now it has Sign built-in, offering end-to-end voice encryption, free-Web based mostly calls and texts, group messages and voice dictation. From a press launch:

The MP02 is the primary voicephone to supply a downloadable privateness characteristic that makes use of the Sign protocol to offer free, encrypted Web-based calls and texts worldwide by way of Wi Fi or cell information (topic to information expenses). Sign offers vastly higher safety in comparison with the widely-used encrypted options, which exist primarily as instruments for harvesting and promoting beneficial metadata (contacts lists, who communicated with whom, when it occurred, and many others.). Within the Sign system, all metadata is encrypted.

The Sign system additionally provides group messaging and voice messages to the MP02.

Simply keep in mind: much less is extra to pay.

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