On The Tonight Present, John Oliver asks Alexa: “How unhealthy are Amazon working situations?” | Boing Boing

On The Tonight Show, John Oliver asks Alexa: "How bad are Amazon working conditions?" | Boing Boing

Final Monday evening, on The Tonight Present with Jimmy Fallon, whereas enjoying a phrase guessing sport with an Amazon Alexa, visitor John Oliver first informed the snoopy AI to: “Converse out of your coronary heart, Alexa, your rotten coronary heart.” Then, he requested it (to the gasps and nervous laughter of the viewers): “How unhealthy are Amazon working situations?” and “What’s Union busting?”

Fallon, ever the company shill, appeared uncomfortable with the questioning and shut them down earlier than we may hear how Alexa would possibly reply or what extra Oliver would possibly say in response.

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