On-line archive of e e cummings poetry | Boing Boing

Online archive of e e cummings poetry | Boing Boing

cummings.ee is a perfectly-domained on-line archive of e e cummings’ incomparable poetry, offered and printed by Ben Walsh. The typesetting is minimal but good-looking, nonetheless a rarity on-line. Walsh writes:

Edward Estlin Cummings, higher referred to as E. E. Cummings, was a Twentieth-century American creator who distinguished himself together with his playful syntax and sensual subject material. His poems, usually delivered in decrease case spellings, proceed to get pleasure from a following.

The web site goals to republish the entire creator’s work because it step by step enters the general public area. Constructed utilizing open-source software program and structured knowledge, it additionally presents publishers, teachers, analysts, followers and artists free and quick access to the poet’s physique of labor.

Every January 1 the copyright on one other yr of previous literature expires, making it free for others to make use of and construct from. In the previous few years, protections have expired on books printed within the mid-1920’s, together with Cummings’s first three volumes.

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