OCD Forum – Conviction is the Key to Becoming OCD Free

If you want to become OCD free, you've got to realize that you need a motivation, a conviction to become OCD free.

You've got to have a reason, a burning desire. You do because it's not easy.

Even when you know what you're doing, you have to do tedious work to become OCD free for life.

There are certain technologies like NLP that can help, but facing your OCD head-on and dealing with it will teach you valuable skills in life and will teach you how to change the way you think at will.

There are things that you can do today that will help you increase your conviction to become OCD free.

One thing that you can do is simply look at your family if you've got one. They want and need you to be at your best mentally, so don't be lazy in becoming OCD free, just do it.

Don't use OCD as a crutch to get off from doing things, like working or going to school or church or to duck any other responsibilities you should be doing.

Another thing you can do is ask yourself a question. "Why am I doing this to myself." or "How long do I want to suffer from OCD?" You can also ask yourself, "How is this affecting other people in my life?" These questions should help to greatly increase your conviction to do something about your OCD.

Take action: Realize that your mental state not only affects you, but other people as well. You've got to do everything you can to make sure that you are not a burden, but a helper in their lives. Don't be lazy and use OCD as a crutch, no, instead, toss it to the side and move on with your life. We are not meant or made to have OCD so just let it go, period.

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