Nicely, it is March once more

Well, it's March again

So, it is March once more.

By some means it has been nearly a full yr since because the coronavirus was first declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020 and we retreated into our houses as lockdowns and stay-at-home orders sprang up throughout the globe. 

The place the candy hell have the previous 12 months gone? For essentially the most half, it has been a time marked by grief and mourning, a complete yr characterised by vital adjustments to our lives and jobs, elongated restrictions on social connection, and fixed pressure on our bodily, psychological, and emotional well being and wellbeing. Suffice to say, what even is time now?

With the arrival of March marking the beginning of one more yr that includes this ongoing pandemic, the primary of the month despatched Twitter right into a spiral of realisation on Monday. 

Sure, it’s completely March once more.

Some folks had been in flat-out denial.

Others had been outraged.

Some folks could not do the maths.

And at last, some approached the entire thing with a type of weary acceptance.

Look, March, usually you are a joyful harbinger of spring, however this yr (and like final yr), issues are totally different. However hey, whereas Twitter has at instances been a black hole of anxiety during this pandemic, not less than we have memes to assist us course of this unusual twilight existence we’re nonetheless residing in. 

And although the arrival of March is certainly perplexing, it is also a second to practice gratitude after what’s been a grim and hellish year.

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