New album by John Shirley and Jerry King, “Spaceship Touchdown in a Cemetery” | Boing Boing

New album by John Shirley and Jerry King, "Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery" | Boing Boing

Science fiction creator, Blue Oyster Cult lyricist, and “cyberpunk affected person zero,” John Shirley, has additionally been creating music whereas doing all of these different issues. His newest venture is with guitarist Jerry King and it is known as Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery.

I am actually having fun with this report. This review on Amazon does an excellent job of summarizing the varied territory it traverses:

This album covers a number of musical territory, from the heavy steel poetics of the primary minimize, “Pigzipper,” to the Bowiesque “Why Am I So Bizarre?” “Iniquities” is a rock ‘n’ roll confessional whose sentiments shall be achingly acquainted to any variety of social misfits, whereas the Lynchian histrionics of”Puppet Dance” are harking back to Tom Waits.

The evocative sound sculptures of “Equipment of the Sea” and”Silicon Embrace” present backgrounds for Shirley’s surrealistic narratives, whereas “Excessive” is a lyrical, folk-inflected quantity about ideas going by means of the thoughts of a person who’s simply fallen out of an airplane.

Have a listen here.

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