Nauseating literary descriptions of ladies by authors you recognize and love | Boing Boing

Nauseating literary descriptions of women by authors you know and love | Boing Boing

With greater than 456,000 memebers, r/menwritingwomen comprises among the most hilarious, rage-inducing, stomach-churning descriptions of ladies’s our bodies ever put to paper. From Joss Whedon’s rejected Surprise Girl script to Issac Asimov’s “From the Stars” to excerpts from “good man” Tinder profiles and past, r/menwritingwomen has loads of methods to color grotesque photos of beneficiant breasts, quivering uteri, and winking nipples proper onto your mind.

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Breasts, in fact, are a favourite matter of debate and disillusionment.

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Underaged characters cannot escape the sweaty, dirty pens of authors and their characters, both.

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And naturally, a girl can not help however have her loins stirred by the look of a good-looking man.

Whereas many of the subreddit is devoted to among the most upsetting errors in writing by (largely) male authors, there are additionally days and tags put aside for feminine writers, satire, and positivity. Very similar to its sister subs, r/mendrawingwomen, r/badwomensanatomy, r/NotHowGirlsWork, and r/whitepeoplewritingPOC is a spot to concurrently take pleasure in, mock, and rage about how folks could be so terribly, awfully dangerous at understanding and describing each other (in addition to questioning whose concept it was to permit anybody to be so dangerous at fundamental human anatomy).

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