National Old Stuff Day – Antiquing Your Way Into a Clutter Free Life

Good greetings me lady / lord, how dost thou?

The headline seems to be contradictory doesn't it? Why buy all the antiques and then de-clutter? Well, because thy said so! Joking!

Basically it's a manifestation not many of us get. On March 2nd, the National Old Stuff day, do you buy old stuff with ancestral background or do you throw out the old stuff? Mind boggling at times, isn't it?

It is too mainstream to celebrate the common holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and Easter. And to be perfectly candid, if you are celebrating V-Day, you might as well celebrate National Old Stuff Day. They go hand in hand. If you know what I mean?

So if the confusion still lingers, here is an idea. How about we rid the old stuff and buy new things. Things that matter. Things that come in handy. Things that you buy, make a story of your own with it and make it your own personal ancestral icon.

Apart from its synonym "Trash Day," it is also a day to break the routine and initiate something new. We have all heard the popular saying "Same Old, Same Old." But I would like to revise it by saying "Some old are still gold." Because what's old for you, might be somebody else's treasure.

So what could you give away? Your old sofa maybe? How about the ancient and worn out work desk, your withered file cabinets which rust away your important documents or even the smallest thing like your coffee mug.

Anything and everything that deem useless or withered can be given away to charity or you can make profit by selling them away in a garage sale.

It is all about exchanging or throwing out unwanted things both from your home or your office. Home is where your heart lies and office where your mind, or even if it is the other way around the rule still applies. De-clutter your surroundings to obtain a sparkling and insightful life.

Buy yourself a new workspace. Fill it with cheap and affordable study tables, centerpieces and monitors. Buy yourself flowers and vases.

Does your job require lots of drawing and planning? Then get yourself a new drawing board and paints. If you are in retail then maybe a new customized word variable stamp and stamp ink?

Are you a tutor or a home school teacher? Then how about a new whiteboard or marker? I am sure your students will be impressed by the efficiency.

It's the small things that matter. If you are emotionally attached to certain things in your home or your office, scrutinize them. Are those memories worth your time? If yes, keep them. If no, recycle them.

The possibilities are many. The reasons are many. The memories are many. But the chaos? That too is inevitable. If you do not feel like throwing away anything, then buy yourself, at least, a pen!

Source by Hita Prem

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