Nasty rug cleaned in satisfying video | Boing Boing

Nasty rug cleaned in satisfying video | Boing Boing

“You have not seen such a unclean carpet, the brown water virtually flowed away like mud!” is the literal title of Lubuskie Centrum Czystości’s almost hourlong epic cleaning of what’s, you’ll actually admit, a really dirty rug.

The final coat of muck is clear from the outset. Saturated with water it turns into a darkly glistening rink of filth, awaiting the instruments of the commerce.

Washing woolen rugs just isn’t a straightforward matter, particularly when coping with closely worn rugs. Keep in mind that the focus of the chemical compounds used for laundry shouldn’t be too excessive, as this might result in coloration migration. Due to this fact, intensive scrubbing, rinsing and removing must be used 😀😀😀 I invite you to observe a really attention-grabbing movie.

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