Naomi Wolf suspended from Twitter over Covid conspiracy theories | Boing Boing

Naomi Wolf suspended from Twitter over Covid conspiracy theories | Boing Boing

Dr. Naomi Wolf—as soon as revered as a feminist creator however these days extra well-known for startling factual errors and conspiracy theories—was finally banned this weekend from Twitter after describing vaccines as “a software program platform that may obtain uploads.”

She additionally in contrast Dr Anthony Fauci, the highest Covid adviser within the US, to Devil to her greater than 140,000 followers … that the urine and faeces of people that had obtained the jab wanted to be separated from normal sewage provides whereas assessments have been achieved to measure its affect on non-vaccinated individuals by means of consuming water [and] duped into tweeting a made up quote on a picture of an American grownup movie star dressed up as a health care provider.

My mom suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and I am unable to shake how related Wolf’s statements are to issues she would say. The “moral” media taboo towards observations corresponding to this, past no matter it is good for, can also be suspiciously helpful for posing and sustaining individuals like Wolf as deserving objects of derision and mockery.

That stated, the query is usually posed how Wolf may “decline from revered ’90s feminist author to ’20s anti-vax shill & chemtrails chaser,” as one individual put it.

The reply is straightforward: the private mythology was all the time there, however she had an editor.

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