Mysterious sickness with vomiting, seizures hits over 300 folks in India | Boing Boing

Mysterious illness with vomiting, seizures hits over 300 people in India | Boing Boing

Over the weekend, greater than 300 folks in Eluru, India went to the hospital after coming down with an unknown sickness that brought on complications, nausea, vomiting, and seizures. Some misplaced consciousness. Not one of the sufferers examined constructive for Covid-19.

One man, age 45, who was delivered to the hospital on Sunday, appeared to have recovered from seizures and nausea only to die from other symptoms.

From CBS:

The sufferers reported signs just like these related to epilepsy, together with complications, nausea, vomiting and seizures. The variety of sufferers rose sharply all through Sunday. By Monday morning 315 folks have been in an area hospital. Greater than 150 sufferers have been launched after therapy, however that left about half of those that have been admitted with the unexplained sickness nonetheless in Eluru’s hospital. 

Docs haven’t been in a position to set up the reason for the sickness by means of blood checks, mind scans or cerebral spinal fluid checks. Outcomes have been nonetheless pending on some blood cultures and checks to search for the E. Coli micro organism. 

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