Mother Teresa: Repression of a Free Spirit to Live As a Visionary

In ancient numerology interpretations the 5 stands in the center of all primary numbers. This is an exciting pattern for freedom, movement, change, diversity and variety. One 5 is pleasant because it brings in the qualities of the five pointed star or pentagram. This is a visual of man / woman with arms stretched out into all corners of the biosphere and the heavens. Man / woman is represented as the microcosm of the macrocosm within the 5 pattern. Essentially, this pattern brings in the free flowing ability to traverse all old ideologies set up within humanity and make certain there is evolution as man / woman living as an interconnected organism in the flow of life. Consequently, one 5 can represent the rebel as it does so with Jungarian archetypes. What if a person had more than one five within their own being? What if the person had multiple 5's that turn into a spiral of energy?

Firstly, we have to see the 5 Pentad is a Sacred Geometrical pattern that exists to create order round this energy. The 5 Pentad energy also carries sentient awareness and the pleasure and pain associated with this sentient awareness. In Sacred Geometry there are patterns (numbers) that are packed or tiled. This means certain Sacred Geometrical patterns can be put together easily to create a larger form. Some of them are the Triad, which is the triangle or 3 pattern. The 3 triad can be packed easily one into the other. If a person looks at the famous mandala called Sri Yanka one can see how the triangles can be packed. Another one is the 4 tetrad known as the cube. This box-like patterns can be packed as well. One on top of another. The 6 Hexad too is the most impressive packing patterns for this creates the honeycomb affect. This packing pattern of the 6 Hexad is what our skin looks like if we took a chunk off our arm and hammered it out. The 6 Hexad is also the pattern of snowflakes, which says there is sameness in Nature, but Nature does not like anything identical. No two snowflakes are identical. This is the same as water crystals, which Dr. Emoto has proven to us. Water crystals and snowflakes pack together to create the honeycomb effect. The 5 Pentad cannot be packed. Yet, it nestles one into the other. Look at the five-pointed star and you will see it does not pack, but nestles. This maintain the free flowing energy of humanity to nestle with one another, but not pack together. This goes against the anthropological statements that mankind is a herd mammal; that we must run with the herds. The 5 Pentad does not run with the herds because it cannot be packed, yet it is tribal because it nestles within its own kind. There is always a free spirited nature within the 5 Pentad. What is a person had multiple 5's that turn into a spiral of energy?

As nature seeks balance so do we. Spirals seek to balance opposites. Spirals seek reconciliation within. Spirals are a vortex energy that can tilt from one side to the other if they are not balanced. But overall the spiral always seeks balance within the polarity of its structure. We as organic beings are larger of the smaller and smaller of the larger and this is proven through spirals; Therefore, we as a species cannot actually say we are greater or lesser than any other creation on the planet. Hurricanes are large spirals. We live in a spiral galaxy. Vortexes are large spirals and so are tornadoes. Yet, roses and pine cones are spirals, ram's horns, nautilus shells and many other organic creations. We have two spirals in our heart. Spirals in our bones. Spirals in our hair. There is a spiral in the Organ of Corti in our inner ear. And there is also a large spiral of energy that comes from the star Sirius that is equal to our own DNA. So, we are larger of the smaller and smaller of the larger. Not greater or lesser and mankind must understand this value.

When one 5 is present in someone's being of energy they will be drawn to experience the senses and seek freedom from any kind of limitation or restriction. When any pattern is tripled this becomes a spiral. Therefore, the 555 represents a spiral of energy that seeks balance within the diversity of the senses. This includes sensuality and sexuality. The 555 as an obelisk represents the creative generative power reaching to unseen heights within the cosmos. The 555 in a person's angstroms or energy takes on a fantastic charge of energy to seek freedom from limitations through a balance of the sensual and sexual. To balance a spiral there has to be an equal amount of energy used within the poles. There must be a balance of sensuality and sexuality and one cannot be swapped for the other or the spiral is imbalanced. Most people who have the 555 are freedom seekers through sensuality or sexuality and must seek moderation to balance these energies. Agnes, or Mother Teresa had such a spiral in her energy.

To speak about one other pattern (you would call number) the 88 is a strong powerful pattern of the visionary. This doubles the energy of the 8, which is manifestation within the material with authority — a lot like the power of a strong confident mountain. The 88 brings in power of confidence, can be indifferent and apathetic and has keen perception as a mountain overlooking the valley. Usually people who have the 88 are keenly perceptive people and they are determined to replicate their own power and authority on earth or within the gross material. J. Pierpont Morgan was a person who had major 88's in her energy. So did Mother Teresa or Agnes.

When you take these two major vibrations and put them together they don't seem to work well. The 555 seeks a free spirited flight and cannot be contained, but will rise up over any limitation or restriction that tries to impose itself upon this freedom. The 88 anchors into the earth the visionary's intentions bring forth power. If there is a 555 and an 88 that visionary's intentions would be to bring in the power of the heavens down to earth, which is called "As Above, So Below; So below as Above." Agnes was such a person, yet repressed within the 88 not to experience the full vibrations of the 555 for no matter how you look at it the 555 exists to express experience through sensuality and sexuality as creative generative power. To repress one for the other can only bring in indifference, apathy for humanity's systems and a rigid disciplines nature. Agnes, who was reared within a Catholic household and probably knew about Jainism, joined a nunnery to create a rigid disciplined life away from the high intensity of the 555 energy. What if she had lived in western civilization?

If Agnes was born in America to liberal parents she would not have joined the nunnery, but would have sought greater heights within the culture to bring forth her visionary status through business. Most probably she would have become involved in Hollywood, film making or created a business based upon health and beauty and would have done very well. Since she was reared within the piety of the Catholic Church from her Catholic mother she repressed the 555 sensual / sexual energy to live in a rather rigid disciplined life of the visionary and martyr. I firmly believe she knew of her highly intense sexual / sensual energy and was confounded by this, which lead to her life in a convent and her life as a martyr to martyr others as well. She had creative generative power rising through her at all times, yet choose to define this as the martyr missionary with zeal and passion to humbly work with the power and afflicted. Agnes felt more at ease within these groups of suffering people because the opposite end of the 555 pole would be to experience the pain instead of the pleasure. As Middle Age monks used to flagellate themselves with barbed whips, Agnes choose a life of constant flagellation to tame that 555 creative generative power. Consequently, does she symbolize the true free spirit that she knew she was? Or does she symbolize a woman who contained her own vital energy beneath the oppressive cloak of "The Church," for if anyone got a wink of her hidden nature she — within the circles of the Catholics — would have been packed off to something worse than a nunnery. The 555 energy she allowed to trickle out gave her the ability not to root herself, but to journey. The 555 energy does not like to be contained and is always seeking, always seeking and always seeking for new lands, new people, new places, new ideals, new principles and newness within humanity to change and evolve. Ingeniously Agnes was able to pull the obelisk power into her visionary status to help others, but it was due to her repression of the free spiritedness of the 555 that made her rigid in her stand against abortion and contraceptives and the sternness of her order which turned other women into automaton martyrs. Had Agnes fully embraced her own energy within Western Civilization Such thinking would have never entered her mind. She too would have looked more closely at Ann Rynd if she felt so ashamed of her own prowess.

Consequently, the 555 spiral is larger than the visionary status of the 88, but the 88 brings forth omnipotent power and authority and cannot be conquered. The 555, within Agnes' energy field, was stifled into the center of her mountain power, but acted as a sparkling source of vital life energy she kept well concealed. Had she grown in America, there would be no martyr. Henceforth its what we choose to do with our own energy and vibrations as individuals and is not affected by the power of one monotheistic divine presence. To be a martyr or not to be a martyr is merely a choice. To live in the high intensity to experience life as a free spirit or not is a choice. To be a visionary and repress high sensuality / sexuality is another choice. Adding the environment, emotions and experience with childhood authority figures all plays a role in that decision making.

Agnes (Mother Teresa) choose to be the martyred nun with high visionary status at the price of eclipsing a vital source of life energy inside.

Gnobo Calypso
Master Mystical Numerologist

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