MIT physicists seize audio of a “good fluid”, folks put it on their Soundcloud playlists | Boing Boing

MIT physicists capture audio of a "perfect fluid", people put it on their Soundcloud playlists | Boing Boing

Within the realm of physics, a “perfect” fluid is one that flows with the smallest amount viscosity possible under quantum mechanics. It is predicted that you just’d discover them occurring naturally within the core of neutron stars.

A group of MIT scientists recently created one artificially, they usually blasted it with sound waves to see how it will reply.

Very trippily! Here is an audio file, which seems like somebody twiddling the dial on Moog ….

Splendidly, people on Soundcloud have already begun adding this clip to their electronica playlists.

As MIT notes in a press release ….

This recording is a product of a glissando of sound waves that the staff despatched by means of a rigorously managed fuel of elementary particles referred to as fermions. The pitches that may be heard are the actual frequencies at which the fuel resonates like a plucked string.

The researchers analyzed 1000’s of sound waves touring by means of this fuel, to measure its “sound diffusion,” or how rapidly sound dissipates within the fuel, which is said on to a fabric’s viscosity, or inside friction.

Surprisingly, they discovered that the fluid’s sound diffusion was so low as to be described by a “quantum” quantity of friction, given by a relentless of nature referred to as Planck’s fixed, and the mass of the person fermions within the fluid.   [snip]

“It is fairly troublesome to take heed to a neutron star,” says Martin Zwierlein, the Thomas A. Frank Professor of Physics at MIT. “However now you might mimic it in a lab utilizing atoms, shake that atomic soup and take heed to it, and know the way a neutron star would sound.”

(That picture above, by Christine Daniloff, comes via the MIT press release)

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