MIT engineers created a brand new inner medical patch impressed by origami

MIT engineers created a new internal medical patch inspired by origami

Sealing inner wounds is a difficult job for surgeons. To assist alleviate their problem, MIT engineers took inspiration from origami to develop a versatile new medical patch for tears in moist tissues and organs.

As a result of inner surgical procedures contain small, specialised instruments, the patch was created to fold round these instruments and make insertion and use in tight areas less complicated. The patch resists contamination and biodegrades over time, which is definitely interesting for anybody who might use one.

These new patches are designed to be utilized to inner wounds both straight by surgeons doing minimally invasive procedures or remotely with the usage of a medical robotic. Within the video, they present the patch’s utility with each a surgical stapler on a flat tear and a balloon catheter for a tear in a vessel.

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