Mining Eve Online Ore and Getting the Most Out of Your Haul

Running a mining operation in EVE Online is hard, especially for new players. Mining on your own isn’t so much of a hassle, but for large operations there are things you need to consider. Mainly what kinds of EVE Online ore you can expect to find. There are many different ore types scattered around the game world and some of them can be tricky to locate.

The most common EVE Online ore is Veldspar ore. Veldspar ore is mined from Veldspar asteroids. Its value isn’t the best but it’s the primary building block of the economy. Two things to note about mining that everyone should know. Number one, asteroid fields respawn every 24 hours, but they may drift a few kilometers sometimes.

Number two, asteroids and ore come in three standard forms with a few variations. These are normal, dense, and condensed. Dense yields greater profit than normal and condensed even more profit. Some ore types might be different depending on the nature of the material. Their location is also varying; each time a field respawns it might not contain the same ore.

There is a general rule the EVE Online ore follows though. Standard ores are located everywhere regardless of system security. Rare ores are located in 0.8 systems and down, with the rarest in lawless space at 0.0. There are many different types of ore besides Veldspar to harvest.

Mainly you have Scordite, Plagioglass, Amber Plagioglass, Ice, and many others. Some types are much harder to find and only appear in very low security systems. Ice is one of the more valuable ore types due to the fact that it’s the only source of drinking water in space. You can take whatever ore you mine and reprocess it into industrial materials at stations provided they have the facilities.

Of course when you undertake EVE Online ore mining there is a skill you can learn that allows you to deposit a portable refinery at your site. This means the ore you mine can be processed on the spot without having to pay usage prices at factories in stations. This fine isn’t much, but you mined this ore, you deserve every bit of it. Yield from the processor depends on your skill at operating the equipment.

Mining can also be a dangerous business in lower security sectors. Many pirates and characters of other ill repute make these places their homes. They prey on anyone stupid enough to go into their systems without escort, or adequate firepower. So unless you are one of them do not go into these systems without a good reason, or protection.

EVE Online ore deposits are in every system. Finding the rare ores might take some time and risk, but for dedicated miners it’s worth it. You can make a very lucrative career out of mining in these areas. It is advised that you have friends close by in lower security systems, just incase. But if you’ve been reading this then you understand that you may be attacked and now know to expect it.

Source by Derek Smithson

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