Message From the Universe: Enjoy Your Free Time on Earth!

"In my humble opinion, the best thing about living in time and space is having free time.

AND, of course, remembering that all of your time is free.

Yeah, big "and."

The Universe "

As per Wikipedia definition, "Time is a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of duration of events and the intervals between them. Time is often referred to as the fourth dimension, along with the three spatial dimensions. "

All we have is time in our hands to accomplish our mission on earth. It is true that we are not aware of what is our mission so how can we know what is our purpose on this planet? Where to put our time so we can be the most efficient? We all have some free time in our hands and most uses that free time to enjoy it with the family and friends, or get some chores done, or practice a hobby. Whatever you decide to use your free time is based solely on your decision. Because of the fact that we have NO clue when is our last day on earth, we live our life like we are eternal, no worries in the back of our mind, especially if we do not suffer from any ailments or life terminal illnesses. There is nothing wrong with thinking this way and this is why we all need to live life the best we can. We can't be worrying about sickness, difficult challenges, ordeals, health issues and so on and so forth. The key is to take advantage of the time we have on Earth.

So what to do? Just like I said, go out there and enjoy yourself. Travel, spend time with loved ones, do the things you love doing, focus on becoming a better person to yourself and to others and never, and I say NEVER, live life with regrets. If you want to do something, do not wait. Tomorrow may never come so do it today. This mentality can be contradictory as I just said that we have free time in our hands, but you also need to read between the lines. Time is just an illusion. As per Scientific American, by Craig Callendar, published in June 2010:

"The present moment feels special. It is real. However much you may remember the past or anticipate the future, you live in the present. Of course, the moment during which you read that sentence is no longer happening. This one is. In Other words, it feels as though time flows, in the sense that the present is constantly updating itself. We have a deep intuition that the future is open until it becomes present and that the past is fixed. As time flows, this structure of fixed past, immediate present and open future gets carried forward in time. This structure is built into our language, thought and behavior. How we live our lives hangs on it.

Yet as natural as this way of thinking is, you will not find it reflected in science. The equations of physics do not tell us which events are occurring right now-they are like a map without the "you are here" symbol. The present moment does not exist in them, and therefore neither does the flow of time. Additionally, Albert Einstein's theories of relativity suggest not only that there is no single special present but also that all moments are equally real. Fundamentally, the future is no more open than the past. "

Something to think about, isn't it?

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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