Many free ebooks via Springer

Many free ebooks via Springer

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  1. As soon as I extracted all the URLs from the PDF it was simple using a bash script:

    while read p; do
    wget`wget -qO – “$p” | grep “/content/pdf” | head -1 | cut -d” -f2`
    done <Springer_Ebooks.txt

    The URLs all point to a web page, not the PDFs themselves, therefore we have to extract the PDF’s path and filename.

    How to do it: Get the web page with “wget -qO -” in order to parse it and search for the path of the correct file with “grep”. Since there are more than one links to PDFs per page (you can download single chapters, too) we take only the first occurence using “head” and then extract the path and filename itself with “cut”. Finally add the correct prefix of Springer’s web page again and let wget download the file.

    It is also possible to extract the correct title and author list and use them as the filename for download automatically, but for an easy download the presented script is sufficient. 🙂

    I would post the list of URLs (i.e., the file “Springer_Ebooks.txt” I used in the script), too, but the limitation of post length prevents this. It would need three long posts to contain all the 408 links…

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