Major historical literature temporarily at $0.00 (Amazon Kindle eBooks)

Yes, I know I have the weekly sticky going above, but even I check the 100-free-eBooks link daily myself, and I’ve so rarely seen such a plethora of classics given out as this all at once, which is why I wanted to call attention to them:

* **EDIT:** About 10 more titles as per /u/Shar_Draco’s find:
* [Meditations]( by Marcus Aurelius
* [The Prosperity Bible]( (3,344-page nonreligious compilation of general financial advice)
* [Franz Kafka: The Complete Novels](
* [The Complete Little Women Series: Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, Jo’s Boys (4 books in one)]( by Louisa May Alcott (1,118 pages)
* [The Early Classics of Agatha Christie](
* [The Call of the Wild]( by Jack London
* [The Art of War]( by Sun Tzu

The first one alone is potentially life-changing, and possibly the second and more.

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17 thoughts on “Major historical literature temporarily at $0.00 (Amazon Kindle eBooks)”

  1. There are many more free titles by the same seller. Search with De Marque (the seller) and look for $0.00 offerings. Happy freebies everyone!

  2. Brilliant thanks!

    The Agatha Christie link no longer works, comes with the following note: This title is not currently available for purchase

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