Lovable Google Doodle celebrates the uncommon view of Saturn and Jupiter’s celestial friendship

Adorable Google Doodle celebrates the rare view of Saturn and Jupiter's celestial friendship

Google’s latest search bar Doodle is a sickeningly cute reminder that Dec. 21 is the right night time to stare up on the stars and witness “the good conjunction.”

In accordance the Google Doodle information page, the animation is a celebration of the night time’s “uncommon present,” in addition to the primary day of summer season within the Southern Hemisphere (ignore the snow, Northern Hemisphere). The Google Doodle exhibits the 2 planets ceremoniously high-fiving whereas they swap locations above a cheerful little planet Earth carrying a tiny hat. Wonderful. 

In actuality, the 2 planets will seem as two bright spots of light — Saturn to the higher left of Jupiter, till it will definitely passes by the bigger planet within the night of Dec. 21. As the 2 planets’ orbits overlap, they will line as much as type a “double planet” and swap locations within the night time sky. Whereas the phenomenon occurs each 20 years, this yr is the first time in 800 years (800!) that the celestial occasion has occurred at night time. 

The animation was created in collaboration with NASA, based on the brand new Doodle’s information page. So the plant high-five is principally science. (Not likely.)

Take a look at NASA’s skywatching tips earlier than heading out to see the good conjunction. 

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