Living a Carbon Free Life; Can We Do It, Can You?


Even a Staunch Bush Administration supporter would have a tough time debating Al Gore and his latest modification of his CO2 Emissions eco-warrior push. Indeed, even I like the idea of living a “Carbon Free” life and changing the Global Warming motif to “Climate Crisis” as I am comfortable with Clean Coal Technologies too.

Since I live a carbon free life almost I would say that any Global Warming Alarmist who wants to shout from the hills ought to look in their own mirror first and then share their experiences (lead by example) rather than tearing down our economic base, energy sector and weakening our human civilization.

Because if for no other reason; if we accept the Global Warming (man caused) premise and we do not change things then civilization would be so weakened that it would be impossible to care for all the human societies. If we failed to stop the change and if it is real then it will lead to massive deaths due to starvation, extreme weather and a melt-down and decay leading to civil wars, unrest and strife, not to mention nation-states fighting over resources.

I enjoyed the Al Gore speech; he is really funny. I remember once I was in Scottsdale AZ and heard the former Bush Sr. President Speak. The former high-level politicians are such excellent speakers. I think Al Gore’s speech at TED Conference in Monterey, CA was good.

Okay so here is the deal, if we are going to go for this Global Warming Myth (caused by mankind) and use this as an excuse to clean up our air pollution signature, then fine lets stop polluting. After all polluting the air if you do not have too is pretty stupid if you think about it. I hope this article has propelled thought in 2007.


Source by Lance Winslow

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