Learning Guitar Online Pros and Cons

I’ve been teaching guitar for many years and I always see in my students, the same kind of difficulties.

– Most of them have trouble with tablature reading.

– Most of them have trouble keeping the beat.

But new generations somehow have more ear talent now, than decades ago when not everyone could carry a tune. Most of my students are young and they have great ear talent. That is a bit of a problem because they always want to skip the process of reading tablatures, which requires more visual skills.

Tablature is the easiest way to get started because reading music sheets is much much more complicated. I do not recommend learning to read music sheets at the beginning unless you’re interested in playing classical or becoming a professional.

Now when you have a personal teacher, he or she will observe your mistakes and give you the necessary guidance to correct them, but when you surf on your own for free lessons, you will probably end up in YouTube or any other site among hundreds of places where free lessons are ‘offered’. BUT… this could create gaps in the process.

If you learn a trick there, another trick someplace else, a chord there, a song someplace else, your learning process is not organized or focused.

You must choose among the many many available opportunities to learn, something that will CONTRIBUTE to your understanding of music and guitar so you will be able to take advantage of all those free resources you can find on the Internet, later on.

You must also be aware that some free videos are posted by amateurs or young kids who have access to all the amazing technology we have to our disposal today. Sometimes you even print tablatures with wrong chords and indications.

Tablatures must come from good sites where people post and comment so you see the rating of a specific tablature BEFORE you spend 2 hours trying to play it.

Reading tabs is the key to learn your favorite songs in the future. So is more important to learn how to read tabs, than learning one song from a kids’ social site.

I’m not saying that there are no good free lessons in social sites. I’m saying that you should choose the ones posted by real teachers.

In my humble opinion, you can learn to play guitar with a personal teacher or by purchasing a course created by a PROFESSIONAL TEACHER and THEN… after you learn the basics and had a proper foundation of important concepts, you can surf for free stuff.

Please note that I said professional TEACHER, not musician.

The fact that someone can play amazing tricks on the guitar, does not necessary mean that he or she is a good teacher.

What are the cons of learning online?

– The teacher will not see your practicing.

– If you have a question, you must send an e-mail to the teacher.

– Your guitar must be properly tuned.

I consider myself, if you excuse my confidence, a great guitar teacher because I can predict most of beginner student mistakes BEFORE they make them. That gives me the opportunity to guide people step by step into progress. I’ve done this for many many years. That’s why I created an online guitar course where I give you my best effort and share the best of my experience plus a complete guitar tuning tutorial.

In case you decide to take the leap, or know someone who would like to, my Course is called Guitarsimple. Click the link below if you want to visit.

Thanks for reading!

Source by Alvaro Avila

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