Learn how to change your iPhone’s snooze time

How to change your iPhone's snooze time

If you happen to’re making an attempt to vary your iPhone’s snooze time from the default 9 minutes — that’s proper, it’s at all times 9 minutes from the time you press snooze till the alarm begins going once more — however cannot work out the best way to do it, it’s as a result of there’s an excellent motive. You possibly can’t. 

Apple has at all times caught to the normal nine-minute snooze time with all its iOS iterations. This isn’t useful if you would like an extended time interval to get up within the morning, however fear not: We’ve provide you with three crafty workarounds that allow you to purchase your self extra time when your dreaded alarm goes off. 

However wait: Why is the iPhone’s snooze time 9 minutes?

We have beforehand appeared into why the default snooze time around the globe is 9 minutes. TL;DR: The principle principle behind why the snooze interval was set to 9 minutes is a technical one. The snooze perform needed to be labored in across the present gearing of a small alarm clock, and holding the time interval as excessive because it may go whereas remaining in single digits is alleged to have offered a extra logical technical resolution. 

The secondary motive, which can be due extra to consumer expertise, is that 9 minutes is a passable time for a quick relaxation. If you happen to get previous the 10-minute mark, your physique might begin to fall right into a deep sleep, making waking up once more extra disagreeable. 

In a very programmable digital period, the truth that snooze is about to a default (and within the case of the iPhone, an unchangeable default) 9 minutes is what’s described as a “nostalgic synthetic customary.” 

In different phrases, it is both an homage to how issues have historically been achieved, or an if-it-ain’t-broke-then-don’t-try-to-fix-it sort state of affairs. If that reasoning is not ok for you and you continue to need longer than 9 minutes of respite, learn on for our three workaround options.  

Workaround one: Set a number of iPhone alarms 

The only technique to give your self an extended snooze time is to set a number of iPhone alarms. In our state of affairs, we have to stand up at 7 a.m. however need a warning alarm to sound at 6:45 a.m. to provide us an opportunity to come back spherical earlier than we’ve got to really bodily stand up. 

Set your first iPhone alarm to six:45 a.m., ensuring snooze is toggled off. 

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Set a second iPhone alarm to 7 a.m. Once more, guarantee snooze just isn’t activated. 

How to change your iPhone's snooze time

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This implies you get two alarms, one at 6:45 a.m. to provide you a warning that it is practically time to stand up, and one at 7 a.m. indicating you need to shake that booty away from bed. 

Workaround two: Use a protracted music as your alarm tone 

This would possibly not work for everybody, and positively is not suited to individuals who can simply fall again right into a deep sleep after their alarm goes off, however if you happen to’re the sort that simply dozes when your preliminary alarm sounds, you possibly can change your alarm tone to a protracted music. This fashion, when the music stops, you will know it is time to stand up. Listed below are 10 songs from quite a lot of genres which are all longer than 9 minutes. 

  • The Stone Roses, “Idiot’s Gold” (9:53)

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Free Chook” (10:07)

  • The Doorways, “The Finish” (11:43)

  • Orbital, “Chime” (12:46)

  • Flowered Up, “Weekender” (12:53)

  • Pink Floyd, “Shine On You Loopy Diamond” (13:22) 

  • Gillian Welch, “I Dream a Freeway” (14:14) 

  • Jimi Hendrix, “Voodoo Chile” (15:00)

  • The Velvet Underground, “Sister Ray” (17:28)

As soon as you have bought your chosen music and downloaded it to your iPhone within the standard approach, you merely must set your alarm to play that music. To do that, go into your Clock app and faucet edit, then faucet on the alarm you need to change from a tone to music. 

Midway down the display, you will see the choice to vary the alarm’s “Sound.” Faucet this. Within the subsequent display, faucet the “Decide a music” possibility. 

How to change your iPhone's snooze time

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Your iPhone will now convey up all of your music choices. Merely faucet by means of to seek out and choose the music you need to wake to. Guarantee you may have snooze toggled to off for this selection. 

Workaround three: Use a free iPhone alarm clock app that’s customizable 

Your remaining possibility is to easily bypass your iPhone’s clock app and obtain a free, third-party alarm clock app, of which there are loads to choose from

We have opted to go for the free, ad-supported, succinctly named Alarm Clock app. Its consumer interface is similar to your iPhone’s Clock app.

As soon as you have downloaded the app and are within the strategy of setting your alarm, search for the “Superior” possibility towards the underside of your display. Faucet this. Within the subsequent display, faucet on “Snooze Interval.” 

How to change your iPhone's snooze time

Picture: screengrab: amy-mae turner

Faucet this, then choose what number of minutes you would like your iPhone snooze time to be. Candy goals! 

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