Leaked US navy picture of a UFO | Boing Boing

Leaked US military photo of a UFO | Boing Boing

The above leaked picture reportedly got here from a 2018 doc ready by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Job Power (UAPTF), the US protection division’s group that investigates UFOs. From The Debrief:

The Debrief realized of the existence of the {photograph} from a protection official who has been verified as being ready to have entry to the UAPTF intelligence studies. Moreover, the identical two officers with the DoD, and one from the U.S. Intelligence group with whom we beforehand spoke, confirmed that the leaked picture is similar picture supplied in a 2018 intelligence place report issued by the UAPTF.

The picture itself is claimed to be thought-about “Unclassified and For Official Use Solely,” nevertheless, as a result of the picture and accompanying report have been shared on a safe Intelligence Neighborhood community, the officers we spoke with would solely acknowledge it underneath strict situations of anonymity. Previous to any settlement, The Debrief did confirm these sources have been actually in positions throughout the U.S. Intelligence Neighborhood and underneath the authority of the U.S. Director of Nationwide Intelligence[…]

In line with officers The Debrief spoke with, the picture seems to be the identical as one referenced in our previous reporting, described as an “unidentified silver ‘cube-shaped’ object” encountered by navy pilots because it hovered motionlessly over the ocean. It seems evident that the picture was captured by the backseat weapons methods operator of what seems to be an F/A-18 fighter jet.

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