Law Enforcement in Board Games

Crime dramas are one of the most popular forms of entertainment which can be found in both movies and on television. People seem to become captivated by these forms of drama, becoming wrapped up in solving the mystery. Watching these shows and movies become almost a game in themselves, as solving the mystery before the detectives can figure it out presents a challenge which most viewers are happy to take part in. When the show ends, however, so does the game that the viewers play with the television set or the movie ends. While these shows are incredibly popular in today’s culture, this still isn’t enough for most fans. This is why many of these firms have produced board game versions of their shows.

CSI is one of the most popular shows on television now, with three different editions taking place in different cities around the country. The show is popular because it generally starts with a murder scenario and it becomes the responsibility of the forensics team to collect evidence, run it through the correct technicians to determine what they can learn from that evidence, and finally to make a deduction on what actually happened to the victim. The CSI board game takes this same approach to solving the mystery as the show does. The game initially comes with a number of different mysteries for players to solve.

The players have to choose the mystery before the game begins, getting a standard set of evidence and clues. Players then make their way around the board, collecting evidence from the crime scene and taking it back to the lab. They will run different pieces of evidence through forensics, DNA testing, ballistics, trace, autopsy, and interrogating the suspects. Based on all the evidence which they manage to collect, they will piece together what they believe happened and the players will then make their way to Grissom’s head office to obtain an arrest warrant. The first player to successfully obtain an arrest warrant for the correct suspect wins the game.

This game is popular because it allows players to feel like they are a part of one of their favorite shows, collecting the evidence just like their favorite investigators. It presents a bit of escapism, putting the players in a situation that they are able to participate with and to an extent, control. It gives them the ability to enjoy the game that their favorite shows present them with, except they are given more control in their actions than simply following the progress of another detective.

Law and Order is another show that is immensely popular, which also has produced its own board game. This game is much like the CSI board game, except it focuses less on the collection and examination of evidence and a little more on the interrogation of various suspects. It takes more of a people-approach to crime investigation, although players still move around the board collecting all the evidence they can before they decide to make their guess. Just like the CSI board game, whichever player can identify the guilty suspect first wins this game!

The 221 B Baker Street Board Game is based upon the world-famous crime-busting duo of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. In this game, players have to move around the streets of London trying to solve the mysteries. They have to collect clues and try to find the answer. The player who is the first to solve the mystery is declared the winner. The game comes with 20 intriguing storylines and is good fun for the entire family.

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