Kayleigh MacEnany’s plan for grand farewell disrupted by President Trump sparking a failed rebel | Boing Boing

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany 'lies the way that most people breathe' | Boing Boing

MacEnany had deliberate to regale the nation with the wondrous achievements of the Trump Administration, sadly these plans had been upset when her boss inspired a crowd to homicide Congress, and so they failed.


“I wished to do a press briefing on the best way out about all the nice achievements of this administration, and all the nice that I felt that the president had executed,” McEnany mentioned. “We did not get the chance to do this as a result of clearly Jan. sixth, it simply was one thing that was not tenable.”

McEnany addressed reporters briefly on Jan. 7 however opted to learn off a roughly two minute-long ready assertion and exited with out taking questions.

“I knew I wanted to go to the rostrum,” McEnany mentioned Tuesday. “I knew that is what Christ would need me to do. I knew it is what, as a girl of religion, I wanted to do.”

I’m unaware of the parts of the Christian bible that relate to rebel and press conferences, however trendy faith shouldn’t be my factor.

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