Is There Value in Writing Articles and Publishing to Directories?

We all know that advertising is an important factor in building your home based business. You’ll discover that article marketing is a regular source of advertising used by hundreds of Internet Marketers to communicate with their blog subscribers.

You’ve seen numerous banners posted on many websites, some offering freebies that attract potential clients to sign up. Another strategy used on the web is expert article marketing distributed to various websites and blogs.

Expert article writers share their personal knowledge or expertise under the umbrella of education. Sometimes a writer’s article is so good it goes “viral” across the Internet and is seen by millions of readers because of its tremendous message and value.

Many blog owners use articles written by expert writers that are, free for the asking, as long as the webmasters agree to provide the writer a direct link back to his/her own website which often features affiliate products as well as his/her own product or software.

It’s a win/win for both the article writer and the blog publisher as long as the article is relevant to the focus of the blog owner’s subscribers and buyers.

You simply write your articles and submit them to places like and others where blog publishers search for their next source of information to share with their blog membership.

If you post your articles to content directories, other webmasters can find it in their research and post the article inside their own blog without cost. Since you wrote the article and your signature website link is posted too, some of the readers are going to want more information assumed to be available on your website.

Obviously, your ability to write and/or hire article writers is very important. All of us have read more than a few poorly written articles, however, most of our education and exposure to new information comes from the written word and exceptional teachers.

Your writing ability will likely improve over time. Just answer the question, “What do you know”? “What is your expertise that will bring value to other readers in the marketplace?”

Go to YouTube and listen to some of the explanations given that often leaves you still confused. Do the same at EzineArticles and read the copy some of the “expert” writers have posted. A huge difference will be noticed between writers. Some videos and articles you find will prove far superior to others on the same subject. Give it a try! It may turn out to be your finest traffic generator.

Source by Don Monteith

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