Intruders entered Denny’s at 2am. Made eggs. | Boing Boing

Intruders entered Denny's at 2am. Made eggs. | Boing Boing

In Evansville, Indiana final week, two people entered a Denny’s restaurant at 2am, hours after closing. They made some eggs after which left. In response to the police report, the suspects returned about an hour later and “made some extra eggs.” Curiously, the door was not locked. The restaurant suffered “a complete estimated loss” of $1, the price of the eggs that the suspects cooked. From The Smoking Gun:

After the duo made their second entry, a Denny’s employee “arrived on scene, confronted them, and informed them to depart.” The report doesn’t point out how the employee turned conscious of the intrusion.

The suspects, who departed the realm in an auto, had been recorded contained in the Denny’s by surveillance cameras. If recognized, the pair may face misdemeanor theft and prison trespass costs, cops say.

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