Increase Your Website Traffic With Freebies

Have you ever wondered why some of the website traffic can be so good as compared to the others? The reasons are quite simple actually. It’s all because of freebies. People like freebies!

Offer e-books, reports of software at no cost

Giving out freebies is an easy task. However, that does not mean that you can increase your website traffic tremendously. So, what is the correct way of doing it? In order to use it effectively, you should offer free downloads be it e-books or software to your visitors by requesting them to refer friends to your website in return.

For example, you can ask them to refer at least five friends via email before they are furnished a download link for the freebies. It’s very easy to just refer five friends to your website because almost everyone has an email account nowadays.

Free classified ads section

This may not be a popular option. However, I find that it could as effective as other methods of drawing targeted traffic to your website if used correctly. How to do it correctly?

Firstly, you need to allocate a small section of your website for webmaster to place their banner ads. You can then trade banner ad with other website owners that have similar classified ad section. This is a good way to attract targeted audience to your websites without having to pay any advertisements costs.

Other method that you can consider include offering rebate to your existing customers such as if they are able to refer at least two customers to your websites, they will receive full refund of their purchase price.

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