Incentivized Freebie Websites: Are They Worth Your Time?

Have you ever been online and seen those banner advertisements offering free stuff? It might read, ‘Click Here to Win a Free iPod!’ for example. You probably always thought that those were just scams, right? Well, the fact of the matter is that they’re not! In fact, countless people use these IFW sites to make a decent amount of extra cash whenever they need it… and you can do the same!

First of all, what is an IFW site? IFW simply stands for incentivized freebie website. It’s a website that displays a variety of companies and their products and services as trial offers from which the viewer can choose. Companies such as Netflix,, Blockbuster, Book of the Month Club, Blockbuster, and 24 Hour Fitness have all participated with these sites.

Here’s how it works. Each IFW will require that you complete a certain number of offers to complete the site. Once you’ve completed the site, you can then refer others to complete the same site through your unique referral link. After you’ve gotten the required number of referrals, you can then claim your prize! The IFW can legitimately afford to give away free cash or prizes because they’re getting paid by these companies whenever they refer a new customer to their products or services. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Now let’s get to the good part: ways of making money! There are two main methods. Method 1 is where you complete company offers for others who are working on earning free gifts from the IFW. For example, Jaime has completed an IFW and wants to earn the $300 cash reward that the site is offering. In order to do so, Jaime would have to refer 6 people to complete the same site. That’s where you come in. You see, an easy way to get referrals is to pay them. So Jaime decides to pay YOU and 5 other people $20 each for being one of the referrals. That’s it! Method 1 is very straightforward and the fastest way to start making some quick cash. You could easily make $15 to over $200 per IFW just for being a referral for other people! Just make sure not to do the same offer twice! That’s a big no-no in the freebie industry.

Now let’s talk about Method 2. This is where YOU get paid directly by the IFW. In this scenario, YOU are the one who needs referrals in order to claim your prize from the site (the iPod, the cash, etc.). So your main job working Method 2 is finding referrals. Once you have the required number of referrals to your site, you request your prize and the IFW sends it to you! What’s great is that most of the sites are repeatable- you can keep referring an infinite number of people and continue to earn prizes and cash from the same site!

Sound interesting? Well, there are a couple of steps I recommend you take before getting started in the IFW world. First, open a separate email account just for doing IFW sites. When you sign up on a site or go to complete an offer, they always request an email address. A separate account will allow you to keep your IFW email in one place and separate from your personal email. Second, get a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. PayPal is the standard method of payment in the freebie industry. You get paid this way, so it’s a must have!

Source by F. Robertson

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