In op-ed Manchin says he’ll vote in opposition to the For the Individuals Act as a result of it would not please the identical GOP that supported the tried coup in January | Boing Boing

In op-ed Manchin says he will vote against the For the People Act because it doesn't please the same GOP that supported the attempted coup in January | Boing Boing

The primary sentence of Joe Manchin’s (D?-WV)op-ed for The Charleston Gazette-Mail begins off on a promising word: “The precise to vote is key to our American democracy and defending that proper shouldn’t be about celebration or politics.” However the second sentence is a bring-down: “Least of all, defending this proper, which is a worth I share, ought to by no means be achieved in a partisan method.”

Close to the tip of the op-ed he writes, “I imagine that partisan voting laws will destroy the already weakening binds of our democracy, and for that cause, I’ll vote in opposition to the For the Individuals Act. Moreover, I cannot vote to weaken or remove the filibuster.”

Why does Manchin assume that the GOP — which supported Trump’s incitement to riot on January 6, which thinks the election was fraudulent, which tolerates poisonous QAnon concepts in its ranks, which claims the Capitol insurrectionists had been false-flag antifa members, and which helps GOP state legislatures across the nation enact voter suppression payments — would ever assist any form of federal regulation that helps individuals train their proper to vote? His refusal to assist the For the Individuals Act and to weaken the filibuster could possibly be the horseshoe nail that leads the US to develop into a fascist dictatorship.

By Manchin’s reasoning, if he’d been in Congress within the 1860s, he would have voted in opposition to the Thirteenth Modification to abolish slavery in opposition to the Fourteenth Modification to ensure equal safety.

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