If Trump’s coup try fails, watch out for one other try by a better, slicker fascist | Boing Boing

If Trump's coup attempt fails, beware of another attempt by a smarter, slicker fascist | Boing Boing

The vast majority of People who voted for Biden have extra work forward of them than simply ensuring Biden will get sworn in on January twentieth, says Zeynep Tufekci of The Atlantic. In addition they should be able to thwart the “subsequent try and steal an election,” which “could contain a more in-depth election and smarter lawsuits.”

Our establishments don’t function by way of magic. They don’t acquire their energy from names, buildings, desks, and even guidelines. Establishments depend on folks collectively agreeing to behave in a sure manner. Human legal guidelines don’t merely exert their energy just like the inexorable pull of gravity. As soon as folks resolve that the principles are completely different, the principles are completely different. The principles for electoral legitimacy have been underneath sustained assault, they usually’re altering proper earlier than our eyes.

We’re being examined, and we’re failing. The subsequent try and steal an election could contain a more in-depth election and smarter lawsuits. Think about the identical playbook executed with higher decorum, a president exerting strain that’s much less crass and issuing tweets which can be extra well mannered. If most Republican officers are failing to police this ham-handed try at an influence seize, what number of would resist a smoother, much less grossly embarrassing effort?

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