How Vince Guaraldi’s significantly swingin’ “Linus & Lucy” grew to become a Christmas traditional | Boing Boing

How Vince Guaraldi's seriously swingin' "Linus & Lucy" became a Christmas classic | Boing Boing

Like lots of a sure age, I’ve all the time had a gooshy spot in my coronary heart for the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas. To me, if Christmas had a soundtrack, this is able to be it.

This piece on American Songwriter supplies among the backstory on how this the monitor “Linus & Lucy,” and the remainder of this album, took place.

No one had ever used a soundtrack of hip piano jazz for an animated characteristic earlier than this. Composers comparable to the good Carl Stalling did compose tremendously complicated and good music for cartoons, however his scores for Warner Brothers’ cartoons have been orchestral scores, and all classically oriented. This was completely different. The principle melody right here is one in every of infectious and real pleasure. It is onerous to not really feel good anytime you hear it. He composed its sweetly exultant theme, and carried out it with spirited soul. Its tone is blissful, borne not out of laborious hours of great composition, however from the luminous liberation of jazz itself, of nice musicians within the second, jamming on a central theme. It was the proper match for this world of childhood through which no adults have been ever absolutely seen, or heard.

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