How To Turn Freebie Seekers Into Rock Solid Buyers

Opt-in Email marketing lists are a great way to generate sales and gain repeat customers. Opt-in lists allow you to target potential buyers instead of randomly spamming people and hoping you will find someone who is interested in what you are selling.

However, opt-in Email marketing lists often contain freebie seekers that will not generate sales and profit. Weeding out freebie seekers and turning the freebie seekers on your list into solid repeat buyers is a great way to increase your profit and make the most out of your opt-in list.

The first step is to create content that attracts interested buyers and not freebie seekers. You should write articles that stress the notion that you are offering a service or product for a fee, and not offering anything for free.

Even if you do have free offers and services, you do not want to stress them in the articles because it will attract people just looking for a hand out. If your article mentions concepts like money, purchasing, buying, and paying, it will attract more serious customers.

You also want to avoid topics that would attract beginners. Beginners tend to be the ones not willing to pay for products or services.

If your content covers more esoteric concepts and ideas it will attract people more seriously interested in your products and services rather than people that roam the Internet looking for freebies.

The size of a marketing list isn’t as important as the quality of the list. You can make more money from a small list of solid buyers than a huge list of mostly poor leads. It is all about targeting the right people.

Chances are your opt-in list already contains freebie seekers. It is almost impossible to avoid people who will not accept an offer unless it costs them nothing.

So you can generate more sales and repeat buyers by convincing the freebie seekers to open the wallet. You should try to find out what products they are interested in to help target their desires.

Let them know that your products can save them and make them more money in the long run than freebies will. Freebie seekers tend to assume that if something costs more, it means they will have less money.

You need to shift their paradigm to believe that they will have more money by spending a little money. This doesn’t mean you are lying to them, just opening their eyes.

It is very hard to sell someone on something they do not want, but it is easier to get them to pay more than they wanted to pay for something they want.

Some freebie seekers cannot be swayed, and those tend to be the ones not looking for anything in particular other than things that are free. However, the freebie seekers with more targeted desires can be convinced to spend money on your products if you can convince them that spending a little money can mean they get even more money in return.

And once they start spending, they usually do not need anymore convincing. Turning freebie seekers into solid repeat customers is the easiest way to increase the profitability of your opt-in lists and generate consistent sales that you can count on.

Source by Joe Gilharry

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