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Gabriella Paiella ran the numbers and located that Frasier Crane would possible have had the financial savings, from his psychiatry profession, to place 20% down on his fancy Seattle condo. However his new job as a radio announcer wouldn’t cowl the mortgage, after all, so she extracted a backstory from the writers on how Frasier Crane may need basically retired so properly at 40. I will not spoil it (it is an funding a wise, obsessive Seattle nerd may properly have made within the mid-Nineteen Eighties) however favored this comment from author Joe Keenan:

“One other factor it’s important to recall is that within the nineties, the web wasn’t as wildly obtainable or as quick and simple a device to analyze this,” he stated. “You sort of went on intuition. Trying up what rents would’ve value in Seattle or trying up what native market celebrities made can be the simplest factor on the planet to do now.”

Like Associates (1994), Frasier (1993) was portraying a world already a decade gone when it comes to the house that the working and center lessons might readily afford1, however it was not fairly frequent data how a lot the world was altering. The web “arrived” simply as these reveals soared within the rankings, to place that data at everybody’s fingertips. On this respect, “mysteriously unaffordable sitcom residences” is likely one of the authentic memes, within the sense of how the web cultivates and spreads (dare I say immanentizes) concepts.

  1. Observe that Seinfeld (1989)’s condo was comparatively modest and credibly rent-controlled.

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