How Do We Create Our Human Life

Often times, when discussing free will with others, they will agree that we all have free will, the freedom to choose how and where to live our lives.

But suddenly the barriers go up when we suggest we have free will and by having that freedom, we choose where and to whom we are born. Suddenly, that is God's choice and we have nothing to do with it.

How can we have free will to live our lives as we choose and not have the freedom to choose into what circumstances we are born?

Free will is free will, either we have it or we don't.

I suppose if you want to get philosophical, we can choose to not have free will, but I'm not sure how that works.

In the general scheme of things, we create our life on earth by choosing and activating different versions of our life that has already been created at the spirit level of your consciousness, sort of like pre-programming your television.

Our thoughts, beliefs and what we imagine all go into this decision, along with what we desire to improve in our soul learning.

We actually project the thoughts we have imagined, thought and decided.

We all have infinite possibilities and it is though our thoughts, we change our reality and life. We choose a general path before we enter the earthly existence, choosing wealth, poverty, freedom, enslavement, etc. all for our soul growth and enlightenment and have the ability to change our life path at any time.

For some this is hard to grasp, that we would personally chose a life of hard times for the betterment of ourselves, they want to blame it on God or some other entity so they can remove all personal responsibility.

It is only when one realizes they have chosen this life plan that they begin to realize the power of self realization, and as their soul growth begins, they begin to move away from self punishment and begin to realize they are entitled to much more positivity in their life.
We begin to realize that life is an illusion, life only exists in our perception of life, many times our perception is quite different than the person sitting beside us.

We each live our own reality, it is our reality alone. The person sitting next to us is often experiencing a different reality while observing life as we are.

Source by Gary Wonning

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