How bees keep heat within the winter | Boing Boing

How bees stay warm in the winter | Boing Boing

You could have heard at one time or one other that honeybees hibernate within the winter. Bugs use many alternative strategies to outlive chilly climate, however bees do not hibernate. The beekeepers at Bell Farm in Iowa explain what they do to remain heat.

Within the winter, honeybees cluster collectively in a ball roughly the scale of a basketball. By flexing their wing muscular tissues (the identical muscular tissues they use to fly), they can generate heat and maintain the cluster at about 85-90 levels. The bees take turns shifting from the within to the skin of the cluster so that everybody can keep heat. The queen is all the time saved on the middle of the cluster.

The bees maintain observe of time passing and ensure it’s even hotter when it is time for the queen bee to start out laying eggs. However they nonetheless should eat. Bored Panda contacted Ellen Bell, who owns Bell Farm, to search out out extra about honeybees and beekeepers, and how they help each other get through a cold winter.

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