Health And Living: How An Insole Can Lead To A Stress-Free Life


Walking or standing for a prolonged period can cause health problems that you might not be aware of while you are still young. However, as we grow old, the stress that we put on our joints can cause not only joint pains but other health issues as well. One way to help relieve our joints is to use insoles. Insoles are basically removable pads that are placed inside one’s footwear to provide comfort and support to the person as well as stability for some patients that are diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.

Insole Types

When purchasing your insoles, there are 3 kinds that you will encounter – comfort, support and custom orthotics. Comfort types are basically sold in a health store as one does not need a prescription or a podiatrist’s advice to get one. These soles are made with gel or foam and are commonly called the insole that is “one size fits all”. They are also lightweight and easy to slip on. For people who have to stand for prolong period of time, wearing this one would not only improve shock absorption but also provide comfort.

Support insole is the second type and works for people who have issues such as over pronation, plantar fasciitis and splayed feet. The hard foam helps with stabilization, support and comfort to the wearer. Arch support is the most common support type and often used in sports to provide players with flexibility and shock absorption especially for heavy sports activities.

Custom made orthotics are the third type of insoles and are used to treat chronic foot problems. Customized insoles are made from molds of the patient’s feet to correct any problems. Some patients also use these insoles to help ease pain and speed up recovery time by alleviating the pressure on the body.

Purchasing Insoles

When purchasing insoles fit is important. As it comes in different sizes and shapes, trying them out will help determine if it is the right fit. Try standing on one and balance yourself with the other foot. If you feel wobbly or your heels are overlapping the heel cup then you might want a different size. Remember that it will take some getting used and it might be difficult at first. However, once you use the insoles every day, you will notice a difference in your health. Insoles should last for a year if cleaned and dry out properly.


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