Have You Thought About Making an Ultrasound Scrapbook of the Baby to Be?

As a mother to be, there are plenty of fun activities to do while waiting patiently for the little one to be born. In fact, this may be your only free time for quite a while. Every woman will usually have tests such as ultrasounds done at least once during her pregnancy. Gather together all of the photos from your appointments and get ready for a fun project. Making an ultrasound scrapbook is a great way to celebrate your coming baby. A delightful memento, which you and your child will cherish in the years to come. Additionally, you can get a start on preserving the special moments that are sure to come quickly after the birth.

One thing you should do first as ultrasound photos can fade fast is to scan them and save them on a disk for printing in the future. You may even use one for the book you are working on now. In addition, there are measures you can take to preserve the actual photos. Online you can find many pages of layouts appropriate for an ultrasound scrapbook. You can also create virtual books online to share continuously with family and friends as baby grows. Alternatively, your book could be just the start of a larger baby book. If you have many photos, you can also make a special book, one in which might include each parents thoughts and feelings that are experienced while you both await the baby. Put some of them into writing, and add them to each page that you create. Even your dreams for the baby’s future can play into the layouts you choose to use.

You can buy or print embellishments to mount onto the pages. A theme is a good place to start those ideas churning in your mind. Designs and ideas for an ultrasound scrapbook are abundant online. Giving each page a title is a good start to getting creative juices flowing. Parents hobbies and sports could also be tapped for ideas.

Some examples might include:

  • In the Beginning
  • All We Need is Love
  • We’ve Only Just Begun
  • When We Were One
  • Our Hopes for Your Life
  • Where There is Love

Choosing a background or color combination would be your next step. Use whatever you like here, though knowing if your child is a boy or a girl can dictate the colors of preference here. Just be aware, there have been rare occasions when “they” are wrong. A soft pastel plaid, or print that would combine different colors would also be appropriate. You might even include pictures of the mother before birth, and pictures of both parents and the grandparents. If you could get someone to take photos of everyone waiting while you are in delivery that could later be included would be a great idea. You might even include the doctor in one. Then you could add a group photo of everyone afterward, with the baby in the arms of Mom or Dad.

This would also be a great way to start the baby book, which would then go on to cover all of those beginning moments that will take place after the ultrasound scrapbook projects and the pregnancy have both ended. You could make a page for each member of the immediate family and let them include some thoughts for the new arrival. Include a “while we were waiting” and a “holding the new baby” photo on each persons page. Possibly Grandma is knitting booties in the photo? Include if you like, Godparents and best friends who might be a big influence in their lives. There is no rule book here, just include what comes to your mind. This is personal to you and your new family. It is really the parents input alone that will matter the most. Put love into your work and you cannot go wrong. Just don’t forget the “just born” photo for the before and after page!

Source by Chona Mcnally

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