Great Ideas for Children’s Birthday Party Favors

Great Ideas for Children’s Birthday Party Favors

When planning for your child’s birthday party, there are a lot of things to consider like the location, the menu as well as giving out invitations, among others. However, one of the most important elements of a kid’s party that shouldn’t be overlooked is the party favors.

Letting The Kids Participate

Can’t find an inspiration for a perfect party favor? Kids love to create something and let their imagination run, you can use this to your advantage. You can provide kids with their own art tools and guide them into making great favors! It’s a fun, interactive way to create unique party favors. You may also let them have fun by giving them the freedom to create their own personalized loot bags. Candies, trading cards, toys and chocolates go great together as loot bags.

DIY Party Favors

If you love handcrafted gift items, then why not give DIY party favors a try? Choosing either a bag or a box, you can either craft it with stickers of your child’s favorite superhero or fill the bag or the box with great treats ranging from small toys to bright, hard candies.

For a personal touch, you can add a name tag for every party favor or loot bag. You can use letter stickers or write their name on a card using colored pencils, etc. Wrap everything up with ribbons and voila, DIY party favors!

Here’s our list of great party favor ideas for your child’s next birthday party:

Chocolates, Candy Bars, Hard Candies

Kids can’t resist candy bars and combining bright hard candies, chocolates and candy bars look great together in a loot bag. You can use colorful paper wrappers and customize it with printed thank you notes or stickers to make the loot bag even more attractive. You can also showcase the sweet treats using a large clear serving bowl like this elegant one from, and place it as centerpiece:

Baked Treats

If you love baking, then now’s the perfect time to show off your skills. Instead of wrapping up different sweets in individual loot bags, why not whip something up, like carrot cake, brownie a la mode, choco fudge bars, cut them in serving pieces and wrap them up in colorful plastic wrapping and you’re done!

Party Hats and Noisemakers

Party hats make any party even more exciting! Adding noisemakers also make for a great kid’s party so why not give away both as party favors? You can choose to buy hats or noisemakers at party needs stores and just personalize them to fit your theme.

You may also make your own party hat by rolling pieces of cardboard paper into cone shapes. You can decorate these with colored paper, feathers, and even layers of tissue paper for that fluffy effect. Print your child’s name and the date or the party on a piece of paper and use this as the topper for the hats. To accessorize your noisemakers, you can punch holes to the ends of a strip of paper. Insert both ends of the noisemaker to each hole and attach your topper on top of the paper with glue.

Party Theme Goody Bag

You can fill this bag with great treats for the children to enjoy. Party favor bags are available at stores but if you want to be creative you can make your own bag by sewing together fabric scraps that go with your party theme. Fill your bags with ornaments like lace, brilliant charms, or anything that would go well with your theme. Use bright ribbons or colored ropes to tie the bags close.

Table Decor as Party Favor 

Decors like snow globes also make a great party favor, but only for older kids. You can purchase snow globes by the bulk so you get more savings, wrap them up in little boxes and give them away after the party!

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