Gamecraft (until 2020-04-24 16:00 UTC)

Gamecraft (until 2020-04-24 16:00 UTC)

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  1. **Steam Sub 449133**

    – `steam://install/1078000`
    – “Free to keep” until April 24 @ 12 PM
    – `79.81%` [SteamDB](
    – Mostly Positive `77%` (of 18) reviews on Steam at the time of this comment.
    `Meow?` Most reviews are about how the developers handled Robocraft… ( Was this AKA “RobocraftX” ? )

    > A new sandbox building game from the creators of Robocraft. Build complete working games from blocks and parts without the need to code using one of the most powerful sandbox building engines on the market. Build games in minutes and publish them to the cloud for others to play with the click of a button.

    – Release Date
    25 Oct, 2019
    – Depots Update
    15 April 2020 (2 days prior to the time of this comment)
    – Developer/Publisher
    – User-Defined Tags
    `Simulation` `Indie` `Early Access` `Sandbox` ^(`Building` `Physics`)
    ^(~~`Multiplayer`~~ not what it says in the sidebar.)
    ~~^(`Free to Play`)~~ ^(**No!** $5.98CDN is *not* free. It [Gamecraft] has never actually been free on Steam before:
    `edit, 4 min later:` But it’s content was free, once upon a time: )
    – Features
    – Single-player
    – Steam Workshop
    – Includes level editor

    – Announcement:

    >Hello Gamecrafters
    >We’re all having to stay in and stay safe, so what could be better than a FREE game that can keep you entertained and educated. We feel Gamecraft is a great way to keep entertained and educated whilst at home, and we want to share this with you.
    >Gamecraft is usually a Pay up-front game, but we are going to have a FREE GIVEAWAY between the 17th April to the 24th April. As long as the game is added to your library during that time, it will stay in your Steam library for FREE, provided it isn’t removed from your library.

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