Freelife International – Can You Make Money Selling FreeLife’s MLM Products? – A Company Review

During my research for this Freelife MLM company review I found that for more than a decade, FreeLIfe International has been impacting people’s lives by providing them an opportunity to realize improved health, general wellness, and abundant life.

The foundation of this company was laid in the early 1980’s when Martha Faltinsky was healed of osteoporosis through the use of nutritional supplements, defying orthodox medicine’s prediction that the woman had been sentenced to a life on wheelchair.

Martha’s son and FreeLife’s co-founder, Ray Faltinsky, was inspired by that incident, and it ignited in him a passion for nutrition and natural healing. Today, the company has grown into one of the world’s leading providers of scientifically-backed nutritional products, including the popular TAIslim and GoChi.

Their Compensation Plan

This company’s compensation plan provides distributors with significant upfront, part-time and long-term income. The plan is such that distributors who follow the company’s recommended system for success should find it possible to earn anywhere from a few hundred bucks each month, to a few thousands, or even a five-figure income. It is happening for a good number of committed distributors, which demonstrates that it is possible.

The company showcases its state-of-the-art products as the back bone of the compensation plan. In other words distributors are assured that first and foremost they are marketing a product that sells, a product that works. Remembering that one of the best test-questions to ask yourself before accepting to market any commission-based product is whether you would have bought that same product without the business opportunity, then general acceptability of FreeLife’s products should make you want to take a chance with them.

There are 9 different ways to make money with Freelife it is made up of different achievement levels bonuses and personal rebates programs. As you build your business you set goals to reach different bonus levels and you reach these levels you make more money and the key is to teach other people in your group to do the same. Every MLM company has a compensation plan so it is important to understand that plan and help your people work towards a money making goal. The key to success is that you learn how to attract people to you on a daily basis that would be interested in your business this is called attraction marketing.

My Recommendations:

Freelife has been a force in this industry for over 25 years, so if you are looking for a stable network marketing company, then this could be a good fit for you.

The Freelife product line is a good product. For any entrepreneur looking to be successful and make money in network marketing you will need to learn how to effectively market your business. There are many other products out there that will be competing for the same customer base.

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