Freebies That Do Not Deserve a Miss on Tax Day

tax freebies

Tax Day in the USA is marked as a deadline to submit the income tax details to IRS i.e. Internal Revenue Service. The day is observed on 15 April. However, this day is not so much fun but it comes with many benefits. The reputed restaurants around the country offer free cookies, fries, burgers and many more things on this day.

 People make various plans with the money they get back on this day. Some intend to save the money, some have shopping plans while some people donate their tax return. Whatever your plans are, celebrate this end of the season with some mind-blowing tax day freebies from renowned restaurants and free food.  

Here are some free deals that you can enjoy on the Tax Day:

  1. Arby’s: Arby’s is one of the most famous American fast food restaurant that specializes in mouthwatering sandwiches. It is the second most popular sandwich chain in America after Subway. Celebrate Tax Day with Arby’s by enjoying delicious curly fries. This special giveaway is organized by Arby’s on every Tax Day to make the day of hardworking American citizens. Just get your special coupons printed, and enjoy the day with Arby’s and curly fries.
  2. California Tortilla: The famous restaurant in Washington Metropolitan Area specializes in delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and fajitas. It is known for its ambience and fun atmosphere. On tax day California Tortillas provide free queso and chips to their customers. You just have to go to the restaurant and say 1040 while placing your orders. Moreover, yes you will get free food only on a purchase. Isn’t that exciting?
  3. Firehouse Subs: This restaurant chain in the USA is famous for serving hot sub sandwiches. They make wonderful sandwiches with cheese and meat that are piled on a sub roll that is toasted on a low flame. They also serve salads and other nutritious delicacies. Firehouse Sub comes with exciting freebies on Tax Day. On the purchase of a medium or large sub with drink and chips, they give a medium sub sandwich free. This offer is valid from April 15 to 17. Do not let this exciting offer go from your hands.
  4. Great American Cookies: This renowned chain specializes in gourmet cookies. Their cookies cakes don not deserve a miss. They are known for their freshly baked cookies and cakes. Join them on April 15 to get a regular birthday cookie cake free. We all know that tax season is quite a bummer. Enjoy your day with the Great American Cookies by getting a free original chocolate chip cookie. Its sweetness will surely drive away all your worries.
  5. Word of Beer: Who does not love a free glass of beer? The World of Beer gives a free glass of beer on Tax Day. Pass this stressful time with a glass of chilled beer and that too free.

Do not miss your April 15 Tax Day freebies. This day comes with many discounts, freebies and BOGO offers. Enjoy your day with your favourite food and drink.

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