Free Virtues Resilience Cards Available This Week Only

Free Virtues Resilience Cards Available This Week Only

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2 thoughts on “Free Virtues Resilience Cards Available This Week Only”

  1. I think this app is incredibly underrated and this is a great opportunity to get a premium deck for free! The company is making them free to help health workers cope with the stresses of everything going on with COVID-19 but you don’t need a code or anything to download them for free so they are really available to anyone. Just download the app, go to the shop, and select the Virtues Resilience Cards to download them.

    I take a minute to read a card every morning to start my day on a positive note and whenever I am feeling anxious or unmotivated during my day. I just take a deep breath, read the card, and reflect on how that virtue applies to me in the moment.

  2. The “free” button isn’t working for me. If I click on the purchase button on any other deck the Apple purchase dialog pops up from the bottom, but on the free deck I only get a faint “please wait” and spinning wheel icon for a split second, and then nothing.

    iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 12.4.3

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