Free software tools for Windows PC

Free software tools for Windows PC

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  1. I have a number of small software tools that I’ve created over the years and I’ve recently setup a website to let other people find and use them.

    These tools are all freeware and can be distributed to anyone on the condition that they are not modified. Note that I am the author and copyright owner of all these tools.

    You can find the tools at:

    The tools include:-

    **HTML Jigsaw Puzzle Generator**

    This tool lets you load an image file from either your computer’s filesystem or from the internet and then convert it into a jigsaw puzzle embedded into a HTML webpage file. All the media for the puzzle is embedded into the HTML file as base64 encoded text, making the file self-contained. You can also use the options in this tool to upload the generated puzzle file to a web hosting account via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) if you want to share it via the internet. Note that this tool is still under development and may have bugs. I plan on expanding on both this tool and the javascript jigsaw puzzle client used in the generated HTML files over time.


    **Printable Image Maze Generator**

    This tool allows an image to be trimmed and scaled to a size that can be printed onto A4 paper with a maze overlay drawn onto the image. The tool is designed to create maze images that can be printed out to allow kids and adults to complete the maze.


    **Open URLs**

    This app opens a list of web pages from web addresses pasted into the textbox in the app (with or without the protocol header) in your default web browser with a customizable interval between each. It can also use the URLs you enter to do a bulk Google site search. I use it for testing that groups of websites are still working and how many pages they have indexed in Google, amongst other things. Note that this will switch to the newly opened page in your web browser after opening each URL which will likely interrupt anything else you are doing on your computer, so you might want to do something else while this runs.


    **Password Generator**

    A password generator app. You can configure it to generate different length passwords with different character configurations.


    **Username Generator**

    A username generator app. Generates a list of usernames based on adjective-noun pairs. Most of the generated usernames are rubbish but you can cherry-pick the more interesting ones. Just click on a username in the generated list to copy it to the clipboard.


    **Alarm Timer**

    A simple alarm timer app. You can set the timer as an absolute or relative offset time. I find it useful to set reminders for myself while working or playing on the computer.


    **Remove Duplicate Strings**

    This app takes a list of text strings pasted from the clipboard and removes any duplicate strings.


    **Sort Alphabetically**

    This app takes a list of text strings pasted from the clipboard and sorts them into alphabetical order.


    **Copy Filenames**

    This app lets you open a file requester and select a set of files. You can then copy the names of the files to the clipboard and paste the filenames into a text file or wherever else you need to paste them. Not sure why this functionality isn’t in Windows by default actually. It’s a simple thing, but sometimes essential. I wanted to include the option to copy the names of selected folders too, but the standard file requester doesn’t support it. I may write my own file and folder name requester at some point and update this tool with that functionality.


    **Make Linked URLs**

    This app lets you paste in a list of web addresses and have the tool turn them into HTML anchor tag links. You can optionally set the links to open the linked webpage in a new browser tab, and you can also add HTML linebreak tags to the ends of each line or paragraph tags around them. This tool can be handy if you have a list of URLs that you want to paste into a blog post, etc, but you dont want to have to go through each one individually in order to manually add the HTML anchor tag code to them.


    **Compare Files**

    This app takes two files and creates checksum fingerprints to compare them and check if they are identical. Basically, it’s a tool I made to quickly check if identically named development resource files in different folders are actually copies of the same file.



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