Free PDF sample of ‘2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone’ (60 pages, 180 jokes)

Free PDF sample of ‘2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone’ (60 pages, 180 jokes)

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4 thoughts on “Free PDF sample of ‘2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone’ (60 pages, 180 jokes)”

  1. “Why does the cow go moo?
    It does not. It says,”Maaaaah”. And, the sheep does not go “Baa”. It goes,”Meheheheh!””
    This is a kid’s joke and I don’t get it. Or are you ridiculing the onomatopoeia other cultures use?
    Also, what’s up with the fake reviews on the back? Not all of these are clean. The one about the woman who committed suicide was pretty tasteless. I mean, I understood it, but it was tasteless. This book might have been better if it had been edited and proofread before publishing it. You get into explaining the joke too much and insult politicians outside your nation without really explaining why you feel that way and why it bothers you, someone who doesn’t live in that country (namely, you call *Senator* Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dumb a couple of times, but I don’t know why? You’re entitled to your opinion, but justify it). And try to come up with more original jokes. It’s not original if you just reframe an existing joke and add blondes or subtract Chuck Norris. Just a couple of first impressions.

  2. Wow these jokes are terrible/dad jokes. Even the ones for kids I feel like would mostly confuse kids rather than get them to laugh. Definitely a good gag gift for someone.

    r/jokes is a good place for some funny and rare original content.

    Also you’ll probably see a lot of these jokes on there later on.

  3. My paperback book is printed in black-n-white. One of the chapters (Journalism Jokes) has color photographs and screenshots. So, this free sample contains that chapter in full colour and also several other jokes. The jokebook came on sale today at [ for $9]( It is the biggest book of original jokes, at least this year, with the joke count at 3100. A subset of the book (with 2200 jokes) is also available for kids.

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