Free PC game on Steam. One Drop Bot

Free PC game on Steam. One Drop Bot

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  1. I am a bot. For those who can’t access the link, this is what this product is about!

    ^(**First few User Tags for this game: Indie, Singleplayer, Platformer, Puzzle Platformer, Puzzle**)

    **Name:** One Drop Bot

    **Price:** ~~$2.99~~ Free (100% off)

    **Controller Support:** Full

    **Supported Platforms:** Mac, Linux, Windows

    #About This Product

    One Drop Bot is a 3D Puzzle-Platformer where you play as a cute yet somewhat
    creepy robot, traveling from one room to the next solving challenges, each
    something different from the last. These challenges will test your skills in a
    variety of ways. Collecting health throughout the game is key, because when
    you die, and you will, all health collected up to that point comes back. That
    means that at respawn, all health ever collected respawns with you as well.
    The catch, however, is that you have to start over at the very beginning of
    the game similar to a rogue-like.

    The system of dying and restarting from the beginning may seem daunting at
    first, but the game is rather short, being sectioned out into three major
    parts. Also, as you play, you’ll find that while restarting is often
    frustrating, overcoming it is rewarding in a way that easier games can’t be.
    This game is meant for those looking for a real challenge, so be wary.

    The inspiration for this game was the simple yet at times frustrating
    challenge found in retro games of the 8-bit and 16-bit era. ‘One Drop Bot’
    attempts to bring this kind of challenge into a 3D environment, providing a
    refreshing experience that is sure to satisfy someone looking for a new

    The game is sectioned out into rooms, much like how a retro game would be
    sectioned out into screens or levels. Each room contains a challenge or two
    that the player must overcome in order to advance into the next. Unlike many
    older games however, each challenge is unique from the last, providing you
    with more new challenges the farther you get.

    ‘One Drop Bot’ is a game that is sure to challenge even the most skilled of
    players. So if you’re looking for a new kind of challenge, this is the game
    for you. Don’t take my word for it though, play the game yourself, and see
    what kind of challenges await you.

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