Free Party Games For Children

Everyone knows that games are the highlight of the party. Most of the children go to parties because of the fun-filled games and prizes. Without games the children’s party probably wont have life.

Games in parties are usually free. You don’t have to spend some money for this kind of entertainment. That is because games don’t have to be expensive or fancy, they are merely for fun and amusement.

Barn Buddies

You whisper a name of one farm animal to each child. Make sure you also tell the same animal once to another child. Let each child know that there is another person that is similar to the farm animal given to him or her to act like. Throughout this party the children should ask to one another yes and no questions. They should eventually figure out who is the same animal as him or her.

After the party, let everyone sit down beside who they think is their “Barn Buddy”. If they got the wrong “Barn Buddy” review the clues with the children. As soon as everyone figures out the right buddy, let them sit again beside their “Farm Buddies”.

Fruit Basket

Form a circle with chairs. The chairs should be one less than the number of players. The person standing says,”I’m grateful for… (a characteristic, outfit or state of a person)” and every child with that characteristic stands up and scurries for another chair to sit on. While the children are searching for another chair, someone takes one chair away.

One child will have no chair to sit on and will have to be out of the game. The last person to be able to sit down will again say,” I’m gratefull for…” And this will be repeated until you wish to end the game.

Tug Of Water

This game can only be done if you have a sprinkler. Set on the srinkler in your yard or lawn. Divide the children into two groups. Each group should hold on an end of a garden hose. As soon as a non-player says, “Go!” each group starts to pull on the rope with the objective of leading or pulling the opposing team into the srinkler. Of course, the team that gets wet loses and the team that stays dry wins.


When the music starts playing the children starts dancing and moving to the beat. They dance until the music is stopped then they should freeze even though they are in a difficult position. Whoever is caught moving is out of the game.

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