Free Luminar 3 Photo Editing Software

Free Luminar 3 Photo Editing Software

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19 thoughts on “Free Luminar 3 Photo Editing Software”

  1. 1. Fill out your name and email address
    2. You will receive your product key and the download link at the email you provided.
    3. Use the link you received to download Skylum Luminar 3 for PC or Mac.
    4. Once installation is complete, enter in the product key you received to activate the full version.

  2. Thanks for the post.
    For anyone that might be interested, the only concern that I see within the EULA would be:

    >(d) The Software may automatically download additional third-party software to enable the Software to run on a particular server or device. Any such third-party software is provided purely “AS IS,” and “AS AVAILABLE,” without warranty of any kind other than as may be provided by the owner or distributor of said third-party software.

    Only something I’ll want to keep an eye on, but not a big deal for me.

  3. After I installed this on my MacBook, I was presented with a box where I had to enter my email and then press a button to Launch Luminar 3. But pressing this simply closed the box and the programme didn’t load (and I can’t find it in my applications).

    Any ideas how I can fire it up? (Bit of a computer idiot…)

  4. Grabbed this a few weeks ago when it was posted initially. It’s not Photoshop nor even Photoshop Express – but for someone who will literally never be able to afford Creative Cloud on personal (non-work computer), it’s great to have some app to do simple photo editing.

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