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If you are looking for free online games? It isn’t easy to find good game sites without too much ads in Google. Most sites have a lot of banner ads, pop-ups and thousands of boring games. Often, by the time you have found a great site with funny games, and not too much ads, your leisure time is up.

Most today’s games are made in flash or java, both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Flash games load quit fast, but are limited in graphics. Java loads slower… For both options, you need to download a plugin. These can be found easily.

We have a great collection of racing games, including the categories ‘car games’, ‘bike games’, ‘horse games’ and other racing games. Some of these games have very realistic graphics, for example “3D Rally Racing”, “Speed Racing” and “Ferrari XV”. Others don’t have that pretty graphics, but its success is based on a great concept. It’s pretty obvious that these games are mostly played by boys, between 12 and 18 years old.

One of the most popular games is Raft Wars, a great flash game made by Bubblebox. The game features Simon, a normal baby who was enjoying a normal day at the beach with his brother until they found something not so normal: a treasure with gold and diamonds! Of course, they aren’t the only one that want the treasure, so Simon and his brother are overrun by pirates and other enemies. Simon and his brother therefore board their trusty raft and fight back.

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